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Business threats come in many forms, not all of which can be insured. As a Cowens Survival Capability client you are able to take advantage of Cowens Risk Solutions – a bespoke service to enable your business to develop and succeed even if difficult circumstances occur.

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Risk management, protecting your business future

Our goal is to proactively identify main areas of risk and develop a realistic risk management programme tailored to your specific needs, covering areas such as Health & Safety, Environmental, Fire & Theft protection and prevention, and Business Continuity.

As with Cowens’ other services, we don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Recognising that every company is different, Risk Solutions’ passionate professionals strive to understand your specific ethos, processes and objectives to develop recommendations individual to your business circumstances.

From site surveys to identify risk and ensure legislative compliance, through to a breadth of downloadable and online material, we provide the experience, support, resources and solutions to help you protect your assets so your business can plan and grow in the knowledge that everything is in place to mitigate risk.


Cowens BusinessGuard

BusinessGuard is a unique online resource for clients of Survival Capability and Cowens Xpress Cover. It offers a breadth of guidance and templates for risk management strategies, employment law and legal compliance, allowing clients to download and compile a personal library of vital information.

BusinessGuard also includes a suite of tools which allow users to ‘Ask the Expert’, as well as a self-assessment questionnaire to help improve safety and compliance.

Sign up today by emailing: Matt Litchfield & Clare Booth: m.litchfield@cowensgroup.co.uk, clare@skaltd.co.uk

Areas of expertise include:

  • Health & Safety
  • HR & Employment Law
  • Training
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Environmental Management

For businesses with five or more employees BusinessGuard+ offers the same cost-effective benefits, but with an additional package of added-value and HR support tailored to your exact requirements and number of employees.

Try the Business Guard link here.

Business surveys and inspections

A vital aspect of our service is the provision of free site surveys for our Survival Capability clients. Understanding your premises, operations and priorities enables us to offer pro-active, effective advice. Our surveys have helped hundreds of businesses identify underlying risks which might impact their survival. We are happy to advise on the right survey(s) for you – please get in touch.

A full survey typically takes around two hours and includes a general fact-finding interview to enable us to identify any issues with regard to Fire, Security, Health & Safety and statutory requirements. Following the survey we issue a confidential report, detailing any issues and offering suggestions to remedy the situation, whether that be via insurance or a change in practice.

Documentation reviews
We also offer a full survey and inspection of all Health & Safety and Fire Risk Assessment documentation to ensure compliance with relevant practice and legislation. This takes on average a day to complete and is summarised in a confidential report for client review.

Snap Inspections
Following a full survey or documentation review we recommend a shorter follow-up inspection, to assist in maintaining procedure and follow up on risk improvements. This ordinarily takes around 30 minutes and would include on-site verbal advice or a letter detailing any ongoing or new issues.

Insurers Survey Support
It is usual for insurers to carry out their own survey when taking on a new major policy. This need not be a daunting prospect since our team is on hand to accompany Survival Capability clients for an underwriter’s survey. We can help make the survey faster and hassle-free by guiding you through the process and engaging in any negotiations with the insurance company’s surveyor.

Warranty and Condition Review
This service is seldom offered by other insurance brokers. This insurance based site survey ensures that the business is fully compliant with all the small print contained within our insurance paperwork. Should we identify a breach (as is all too common) we will help you decide whether you are able to comply or propose revisions to the policy to better match your risk control arrangements. This ensures your peace of mind that the policy will actually cover you in full in the event of a claim.

To learn how we can help you mitigate risk, stay in control and enjoy peace of mind, please get in touch.
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