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Life Insurance

Life insurance provides cover in the event of death and terminal illness. By having life insurance in place you can ensure your family will be financially secure, should the worst happen.

If you have loved ones who are financially dependent upon you, or you have a mortgage, putting in place life insurance can support loved ones, if you were no longer around to do so.

But how much life insurance do you need? What type of policy should you choose? And what can you do to make sure your loved ones have enough financial support to continue after you are gone?

If you have a mortgage, you might want to take out life insurance. Then, if you die before your policy ends, the lump sum can be used to help pay off the outstanding mortgage balance, so your family can stay in their home. Some lenders may ask you to take out life insurance as part of their mortgage offer.

Speak to an experienced and trusted adviser today, who can answer any questions you may have about life insurance.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover can help you and your loved ones by ensuring you are protected should you suffer a defined critical illness, which usually includes cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

This cover can help minimise the impact on you and your family financially if you become critically ill during the policy term. Paying out a tax-free lump sum that you can use however you like – whether that’s to help cover health-related costs, maintaining your standard of living by paying your monthly expenses including your mortgage, or replacing lost income while you recover.

Speak to an experienced and trusted adviser today, who can answer any questions you may have about critical illness cover.

Income Protection

Income protection, which is also known as permanent health insurance, can help ease the financial stress you may feel, should you become diagnosed with an illness, disability or suffer from an injury and are unable to work. The benefits payable can give you and your family the financial support needed to ensure the essentials are bought and bills are paid while you are unable to work.

So if you have a mortgage or you and family members are reliant on your income, you might want to consider income protection.

Income protection can be tailored to take into account any sick pay you get from work, meaning you are only paying for cover that you actually need.

Speak to an experienced and trusted adviser today, who can answer any questions you may have about income protection.

Cowens Insurance Advice

We work closely with our sister companies within Cowens who we are confident to recommend to enable you to ensure you have the appropriate buildings and contents insurance in place, whether you are insuring your own home or insuring a buy to let property.

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