Cowens Financial planning - case studies Ben and Kate

Study 1

This is Ben and Kate.

Ben and Kate were concerned about their assets and whether they could have a comfortable retirement so they sought out Cowens Financial Planning.

After listening to Ben and Kate’s hopes and fears, we provided a comprehensive financial plan to dispel the fear of future uncertainty.

Ben and Kate are now relaxed in the knowledge that their assets, investments and pensions are suitably structured and with Cowens ongoing financial planning advice are confident that they will enjoy the retirement they are looking for.

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Cowens Financial planning - case studies Julie

Study 2

Have you been left alone?

Julie had been a homemaker all her life and had little involvement in managing her family’s finances; now left alone she was understandably anxious about her financial wellbeing.

We spent time with Julie to understand and help identify her priorities and discussed with her how to manage money in detail, including budgeting for household expenses, day to day living and for the nicer things in life such as holidays.

The financial plan we developed for Julie has given her complete control over her money and she is now able to focus on life.

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Cowens Financial planning - case studies Tasha and Omari

Study 3

Are your like Tasha and Omari?

Tasha and Omari are a successful couple who wished to plan for a comfortable retirement, which they expected to be in 10 years time.

When building their financial plan, Cowens understood Tasha and Omari’s priorities and helped identify the retirement they wished to plan for. After protecting against lifetime risks such as loss of income or death, we focused on Tasha and Omari’s future and restructured their savings and wealth to help them retire 2 years earlier than planned.

Plan like Tasha and Omari

Cowens Financial Planning - Roger and Stacey case study 4

Study 4

Have you left it too late?

After focusing on the family, Roger and Stacey were worried that they had left it too late to plan for retirement. Their dream was to retire at age 60 and help their local community through voluntary work.

On listening to Roger and Stacey we fully understood what they wanted retirement to be and developed a financial plan to help maximise their wealth which included tax efficient savings strategies.

By following our ongoing advice Roger and Stacey were able to retire at age 62 and are now living their dreams whilst having financial peace of mind.

Take charge like Roger and Stacey