With the ease of lockdown restrictions, the beer gardens will be open. As you let loose and have a few drinks with your friends and family, remember the legal alcohol consumption limits. Whilst the lockdown dramatically saw fewer cars on the roads, it is predicted that the roads will get busier than normal.

Recent statistics revealed that over 22% of Britons drank more during the lockdown. Data also shows that those who are drinking more are likely to do so on more days than usual, having their first alcoholic drink earlier in the day, drinking alone, finding it difficult to stop at one drink or drinking to cope with the day.

This is expected to rise following the roadmap to normality. Undeniably, the past year has been difficult for most of us and we want to celebrate with our friends or visit our local pub. However, with increased drinking, drivers need to be aware of the consequences of getting behind the wheels afterwards. Bear in mind, there is nothing you can do to speed up the process of alcohol leaving your bloodstream; cold showers, coffee and even a good old bacon sandwich won’t make it safer to drive.

The Police can stop a driver if they suspect they have been drinking, they have committed a traffic offence, they have been involved in a road traffic accident (even if they were not at fault) or even for a very minor traffic violation such as not signalling, and usually breathalyse everyone involved, as a matter of routine. Drivers may feel completely fine, but if they are pulled over for even the slightest driving infraction, breathalysed and found to be a little over the limit, the penalties can be devastating.

Also, you should be aware of driving risks not only on the day you drank but on the morning after.  Remember to organise any travel arrangements in advance and advise family and friends not to drive under the influence. Slightly going over the drinking limit could still land you in hot water if you’re caught.

Is it really worth the risk?

For more information on the risks of drink driving and how to avoid it, visit the Drink Aware website: https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/alcohol-facts/alcohol-and-the-law/drink-driving-penalties/.


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