Kev came to Cowens for an interview aged just 17, when at the time he was working with his father as a Builder during the school holidays at Pleasley sewage works. He could never have imagined back then, after putting on a suit and tie for the very first time, that he’d still be here today. Now a Senior Account Manager for Cowens’ Survival Capability Handling Department, Kev reflects on his years at the company and the changes he has seen since joining in 1984.

“When I left school at 17 I had no real vision or guidance as to what I’d wanted to be and if I’m honest, I had no idea what an insurance broker actually was! But when I came for an interview for a trainee handler position and met Bob Cowen, I instantly warmed to him and I knew it was the right move. Sadly, Bob has since passed away as have many more, such as Bob Massey and Stuart Weatherall, who were special people and had a huge impact on where I am today.

“I was mentored and given invaluable advice that has stuck with me throughout my career, through the likes of Stuart and Val Weatherall, Ken and Viv Samson and of course Bob’s partner Slav Kuchta, who retires this year but again has provided me with many life skills and support whenever I have needed it.”

Kev went on to celebrate his biggest milestones whilst working at Cowen’s including his 18th and 21st birthdays, his marriage and the birth of his two children. Working his way up from a Trainee to Senior Account Manager, Kev’s hard work has seen his career progress and develop throughout his 34 years at the company.

He continued: “The people at Cowen’s are what makes the company so well respected within the industry. There are times in all of our lives where we need empathy and support from our employer and I have always been able to 100 per cent guarantee that Cowens will provide that.”

“I work alongside 10 or more people who have been at Cowen’s for over 20 years and I think that sense of loyalty is a true testament to the business’ values. Throughout the years a lot has changed; technology now has a huge prominence and processes are a lot quicker, but our core principles of what we do have remained the same and that speaks volumes.”

As a Senior Account Manager, Kev works closely with Account Executives to provide clients with the very best cover and quality service. He has built strong and lasting relationships with clients and provides support and training for his team of Account Handlers. Alongside his work at Cowen’s, Kev is also a Talent Scout and Coach at Derby County. After playing football himself to a high level, Kev went on train and work alongside big names such as Steve Hodge and dedicates his weekends and spare time to finding the best new talent for the club.

He said: “Cowen’s have been nothing but supportive of my role as a football Scout and Coach and it’s a privilege to work for an organisation which has a trusting, hardworking and flexible work environment. I’ve been part of the business for a considerable part of my life and I think the number of people who have done the same is a huge compliment to the business and the way it operates.”