Little Green Consulting

Founded in 2008, Little Green Consulting Limited (LGCL) is a UK based environment consultancy specialising in environmental, energy and carbon services.

Launched in response to the growing demand from our clients and driven by legislation and climate change LGCL have worked with many business sectors and particularly in one of today’s global concerns, the food and drinks manufacturing industry.

Alongside energy and water, the pressure from customers and stakeholders to address their environmental impact is now seen in the industry as a differentiator.

A sensible response for any organisation is to address Environmental Management in a structured manner through the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS), which provides a systematic framework for the ongoing management of environmental performance. In terms of meeting client or other stakeholder expectations, a certified EMS is a very robust approach which can be used as firm evidence of the organisation’s commitment to the environment.

A number of options are available for third party EMS certification and we can help you to select, design, implement and maintain the most appropriate and beneficial EMS type for your organisation’s circumstances. We take pride in ensuring that our EMS work seeks to add value by focusing on performance improvement rather than bureaucracy. We have a successful track record of helping organisations, both large and small, across public and private sectors, with implementing ISO 14001,

EMAS phased approach. The results of our EMS work have helped these organisations to win more business, achieve significant financial savings, reduce risks of pollution and legal non-compliance, and improve their reputation and image as a result.

Energy and Carbon Management

With the incentive of reducing bottom line costs, coupled with improved environmental performance and reputation, organisations are keen to efficiently manage their energy use and reduce their carbon footprint. Increased legislation and government targets mean that, despite the economic situation, all organisations need to implement an energy management programme.

Our approach tackles the issues at hand, whilst also evaluating future needs or problems. We shape energy and carbon reduction programmes to suit the needs of our clients and provide simple, yet effective, solutions.

Services Available

• Audit Services
• Environmental Reviews
• Environmental Management Systems
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• ISO 14001:2004
• Environmental Permitting
• Energy Management
• BS 25999: 2007
• Business Continuity Management
• Training

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