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Cowens Risk Solutions publications

Health and Safety The Basics
Cowens Risk Solutions 12 Ways to Improve Health and Safety
Cowens Risk Solutions Accident Investigation Form
Cowens Risk Solutions Accident Report Form
Cowens Risk Solutions April 2015 Legislation Review
Cowens Risk Solutions Averting Crisis
Cowens Risk Solutions Building a Health and Safety Statement
Cowens Risk Solutions Building Cold Weather Bulletin
Cowens Risk Solutions Building Cold Weather Management Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Building Common Inspection Requirments
Cowens Risk Solutions Coshh Assessment
Cowens Risk Solutions Display Screen Guidance
Cowens Risk Solutions Ebola Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions E Cigarette Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Ergonomics Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Fire Door Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Fixed Wiring Inspection Advice
Cowens Risk Solutions Flood – Preperation Best Practice Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Flood Risk Management Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Flood Checklist
Cowens Risk Solutions Flood Plan
Cowens Risk Solutions Post Flood Health Hazard Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Fire Risk Assessment Review
Cowens Risk Solutions Fire Risk Assessment Template
Cowens Risk Solutions Fire Precautions and Protection
Cowens Risk Solutions Hand Arm Vibration
Cowens Risk Solutions Importance of Keeping Property Valuation Up to Date
Cowens Risk Solutions Leisure Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Local Exhaust Ventilation
Cowens Risk Solutions Lone Working Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Night Driving Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Oil and Diesel Theft Bulletin
Cowens Risk Solutions Personalising Safety
Cowens Risk Solutions Plant Risk Review
Cowens Risk Solutions Preparing for Flood Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Sentencing Guidelines
Cowens Risk Solutions Spill Control
Cowens Risk Solutions Unoccupied Properties Guide
Cowens Risk Solutions Warehouse Tips
Cowens Risk Solutions Waste Plant Review
Cowens Risk Solutions Water Damage Prevention Guide
HSE 7 Step Checklist
The Unvarnished Truth – Guidance on Accident Reporting and Investigation

Third party guidance

Approved Code of Practice – The Construction (Design Management) Regulations 2007
Behaviour Based Safety Guide
Business Resilience – A Guide to Protecting Your Business and Its People
Code of Practice for the Protection of Empty Buildings – Fire Safety and Security
Cooking Equipment (Other than Fish and Chip Frying Ranges)
Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002
Electronic Security Systems – Guidance on Keyholder Selection and Duties
Fire Precautions with Temporary and Emergency Electrical Supplies
Fire Safety Agricultural Horticultural Premises
Fire Safety in Automotive Refinishing and Paint Spraying Processes
Fire Safety in Paint Spraying Processes (excluding Automotive Refinishing)
Fire Safety at Recycling Centres
Fire Safety in Shrink-wrapping Processes
Fire Safety of Unattended Processes
Fish and Chip Frying Ranges
Guide to 5S
Use of Fork-lift Trucks
Fixed Heating Equipment Burning Waste Fuel
Guide to Legionella Risk Assessments
Guide to Shop Front Protection
Gypsum Fire Resistance Manual
Hot Work
Light Beam and Light Curtain Guidance
Loading Dock Safety
Portable and Transportable Heaters in Commercial and Industrial Premises
Prevention and Control of Dust Explosions
Recommendations for Oil Fired Installations
Selection and Risk Management of Portable Accommodation Units
Security of Emergency Exit Doors in Non Residential Properties
Space Heating – Hazard Classification
Spark Detection and Supression Systems on Pneumatic Conveying Installations
Spark Erosion Machining
Storage of Aerosol Products
Storage, Use and Handling of Common Industrial Gases in Cylinders including LPG
Protection of Buildings against Lightning Strikes
Fire Prevention Measures for Bakery Ovens
Managing the Release of Hazardous Materials following a Fire – Part 1 Asbestos
Recommendations for Fire Safety in the Storage and Use of Oxidising Materials
Fire Risk Assessment of Catering Extract Ventilation
Fire Safety in the Electroplating Industry
Fire Safety in the Manufacture of Biodiesel Fuel
Frost Protection Measures for Sprinklers
Arson Prevention – The Protection of Premises from Deliberate Fire Raising
Reducing Business Interruption – Part 1 – Acetylene Cylinders Involved in Fires
Smoking at Work guidance
Storage and Use of Highly Flammable and Flammable Liquids in External Fixed Tanks
Recommendations for Fire Safety in Laundries
Guidance for the Protection of Premises against Attacks Using Vehicles (Ram Raids)
The Selection and Use of Electronic Security Systems in Empty Buildings
A Breath of Fresh Air – Managing a Smoke Free Environment
A Healthy Return – Good Practice Guide to Rehabilitating People at Work
Working Well – Guidance on Promoting Health and Well Being at Work
Out of Site, Out of Mind? – Managing Remote Working
Safety without Borders – Keeping Your Staff Healthy and Safe Abroad
PUWER Assessment Form
Guidance on Keyholder Selection and Duties
Statement of Fitness to Work – a Guide for Employers
A Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor
ROSPA Drivers Handbook
ROSPA Own Vehicle Safety Guide
ROSPA Vehicle Tech Safety Guide
ROSPA Drink and Drugs Safety Guide
ROSPA Work Mobiles Safety Guide
ROSPA Safer Journeys Guide
ROSPA Speed Safety Guide
FPA Guide to CCTV
Fire Risk Assessment – Factories and Warehouses – Full Guide
Fire Risk Assessment – Large Places of Assembly – Full Guide
Fire Risk Assessment – Offices and Shops – Full Guide
Fire Risk Assessment – Sleeping Accomodation – Full Guide
Fire Risk Assessment – Small and Medium Places of Assembly – Full Guide
Fire Risk Assessment – Theatres and Cinemas – Full Guide
Use of Electrical Extension Leads