Crisis Pro

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the survival of your business. Writing a Business Continuity Plan from scratch requires a great deal of consideration, and after several years of searching, we believe we have sourced one of the most straightforward writing packages there is.

Written in plain English using a simple step-by-step approach, the site features templates and advice points to keep you on track. Should you have any specific issues, the Cowens Risk Solutions team are here to help. Crisis Pro provides a framework that will enable you to produce a BS 25999 consistent continuity plan.

A handy Online Crisis Management facility can also be used for managing any incidents, and also test your Continuity Plan. All members of your team can keep track of any events in one place, and differing levels of admin access can be granted accordingly.

Our team can visit you to explain the process and take you through the Impact Analysis and Disaster Planning questionnaire, generating a report, which will form the framework of your plan. We provide further training and assistance to develop and monitor your plan should you need it.

If you would like to know more about Crisis Pro and how it can help influence your Business Continuity Plan, get in touch to arrange a consultation with one of the team.

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