Start-Ups and New Business

Selecting the right business insurance can feel like walking through a minefield, there are so many brokers and online comparison sites offering you numerous products. It really is hard to know what you actually need to protect your business.

With over 45 years of experience in arranging insurances for new businesses, we will guide you through the maze of potential insurances.

So that you can think about the covers you might require

Environmental, Green & Green Technology

The renewables sector is constantly changing, new technologies and environmental products are being developed. With our teams’ expertise, we can arrange a comprehensive insurance package that is flexible and can be applied to a variety of emerging risks.

Motor Trade

Cowens Survival Capability has been working closely with the Motor Trade since our inception. We have a large number of clients in this area and have the capacity to deal with businesses in this sector of every size and complexity.


Cowens Survival Capability arranges cover for a wide range of companies in the technology industry. Your position at the cutting edge of commerce means that you require your insurances to be agile and responsive.


Cowens Survival Capability looks after clients who carry out every type of manufacturing and have many years’ experience and a close affinity with the manufacturing sector.


We have a large pedigree in arranging insurances for every type of contractor from the smallest sub-contractor to very large principal contractors. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you.

Professional Services

In a fast-paced, emerging and diversifying commercial world with evolving services such as IT, consultancy and app-based businesses, it is important to identify potential new, as well as traditional risks.  We will discuss, challenge and build a bespoke insurance product, responding to existing and new threats that are both internal and external.

Whatever your profession, we deliver insurance and risk management solutions that offer the best possible value and flexibility to meet the changing needs of your business.

Property Owners

It’s important that your insurance is professionally managed under one roof. We represent a wide variety of clients across a number of property sectors, including Landlords, Letting Agents and Property Factors, but one thing remains consistent – we deliver exceptional customer service. Our specialist Property team work closely with a range of insurers to ensure that we provide market leading cover and service proposition.

Distribution, Warehouse and Retail

Whether you store products; or are involved in value-added services like product mixing, order fulfilment, cross docking or packaging. Whichever way you meet your customers’ expectations and needs, Cowens Survival Capability is here to advise and implement the specific and unique insurance needs of your business through every process of your business.

Leisure Industry

The leisure industry comprises a large number of different undertakings, which collectively are of great importance to the UK economy, but each business within the sector is individual and unique. It is therefore of vital importance that your insurance fits you. Our specialist team looks at each individual part of your business and designs a package that is created just for you.

Food and Drink

Our experienced team routinely assist and support our clients in arranging individually tailored insurance programmes for businesses across the sector, be it manufacture, processing or supply chain.

Over recent years we have seen an increase in regulations, leading to product recalls and supply chain complexity.  These issues can impact your business and require constant review and protection. Ever changing risks, such as price rises, supply chain disruption, brand damage and environmental risks create a greater duty of care.

Spending time with you and your team allows us to understand the key risks within your business. Working in conjunction with our risk managers, we will build an individually tailored insurance programme that will protect your business in the event of a loss or claim.