Cowens Survival Capability offers a specialist claims team, and should you ever find yourself in the position where you need to make a claim, you will be appointed with your own dedicated claims handler.

Our team are highly experienced, and as a client, you’ll be in competent hands. Please find details of our Claims Procedure and how to contact Cowens if a claim situation arises below.

Claims Procedure

Please notify your account handler at Cowens of any incident immediately via email or on 01623 649931.

1. Commercial Property

Report all incidents involving Theft or Malicious Damage to the Police and make a note of the date you reported the incident, along with the Officer’s name, station and the crime reference number allocated.
Ensure that the property is secured to a suitable standard – mitigate the loss.

If any emergency repairs have to be carried out, please take photographs of the damage and keep all relevant invoices.

Obtain estimates for replacement or repairs.

Do not dispose of any salvage without permission of Insurers.

2. Motor

Obtain names, addresses and Insurance details of all other parties involved together with vehicle make, model, colour and registration number.

Note the number of occupants in the Third Party vehicle.

If possible, take photographs of the accident scene.

Provide your details to any person who has reasonable grounds to request them.

Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses.

DO NOT admit liability, or sign any statement regarding liability that may be presented to you at the scene.

Make a note of the accident date, time and location, damage caused to vehicles involved and road conditions, e.g. wet.

Inform Police – Within 24 hours in respect of an accident involving personal injury.

Lease Company – If your vehicle is subject to a leasing agreement.

Retain receipts for any essential repairs to keep the vehicle in a roadworthy condition.

If your Insurers do not have, or you are not using, a Recommended Repairer, please obtain an estimate for repair.

DO NOT enter into any correspondence with the claimant or their representative. Please forward all correspondence, unanswered, to Cowens without delay.

3. Liability

Do NOT admit liability.

The extent of an injury is not always apparent at the time of the incident. Therefore incidents should be reported even if they appear minor or if the party indicates no claim will be made.

Always record incidents in your Company’s accident report book and forward a copy of this entry with your claim form, along with a copy of the RIDDOR form, if applicable.

Do NOT enter into any correspondence with the claimant or their representative. Please forward all correspondence, unanswered, to Cowens without delay.

Ensure all items are actioned in a timely manner, the Civil Procedures Rules dictate that financial penalties will apply if deadlines are missed.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch via our website or call us on 01623 649931.

Out of Hours Claims

Account Executives Out of Hours Emergency Contacts

Paul Chaplin: 07879 885150
Mark Wilson: 07879 885145
Paul Ragsdale: 07568 428224
Declan Shaw: 07834 176664
Dean Yearsley: 07834 176662
Robin Chubb: 07879 885151